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October Sales Bootcamp

Struggling with a pipeline of stalled deals that never close?

Or an inbox full of "Not Interested?" (or worse... no responses?)

Join us for a special 5-part training series where you'll learn how to:

Win more of the deals in your pipeline

Generate opportunities with your top prospects

Win bigger, better, healthier deals

Sell the way you want

Bootcamp Details:

Session 1: De-Risk Your Deals

Timing: October 10 (1-2pm EST)

Learn how to assess the Deal Health within your active deals to get a better understanding of where each deal stands & where the risks & opportunities are. Increase your forecast accuracy & eliminate stalled deals & deals lost to no decision.

Session 3: Segment to Win

Timing: October 24 (1-2pm EST)

Go beyond basic segmentation to create specific lists of accounts & contacts who already have pain, gain, & urgency. Learn how to score each segment to ensure your messages will deeply resonate.

Session 5: Strategize for 2024

Timing: November 7 (1-2pm EST)

Plan for a record-breaking 2024 by assessing your sales skills, looking at the right metrics, & developing a strategy for accessing top accounts & winning bigger, healthier deals.

Session 2: Win Bigger

Timing: October 17 (1-2pm EST)

Learn how to improve the value of each deal for your buyers. Build business cases collaboratively with your champions that enable them to buy from you. Proactively de-risk each deal to streamline the buying experience & stop discounting.

Session 4: Activate Top Targets

Timing: October 31 (1-2pm EST)

Develop messaging that provides valuable insights & generates meaningful conversations with your buyers. Go beyond responses & start having meaningful connections with contacts. 

Extra Sessions & Resources

Weekly Office Hours (Fridays from 12-1pm EST)

A Deal Scorecard to score the health of your deals

A Prospecting Scorecard to score segments & messaging

A 2024 Strategy Deck to plan a record-breaking year

Meet Your Coaches:

Meg Misiak

I've been in your shoes. I've held a quota, managed a pipeline, & spun my wheels on deals that went nowhere. But for 10 years, I've been helping salespeople & teams sell differently. Using leading methodologies, processes, & enterprise strategies, I can help you win bigger, better deals consistently.

In my last 3 roles I helped teams:

- Double the ACV

- Grow Forecast Accuracy to Over 90%

- Triple the Amount of Clients Over $300K

Screen Shot 2023-07-18 at 11.05.32 AM.png

Nick Thickett

After narrowly escaping burnout's fatal grip, I embarked on a mystery: which sales techniques truly kill in the modern market? Through shadowed alleys and dim-lit boardrooms, I've experimented to unearth strategies that prioritize the buyer, sealing the deal every time. Co-conspirator of B2B Power Hour and mastermind behind Alignd GTM. 🕵️‍♂️🔍📈

In my last 3 roles, I helped teams:

- Figure out segments where we won more often than not

- Increase the ACV by over 200%

- Reduce sales cycles by 1/3

Ready to Win the RIGHT Deals?

Pricing: $555 for 5 Training Sessions & 5 Office Hours

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