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MEDDICC with Meg

I'm here to help you take your selling to the next level, not by selling MORE but by selling BETTER.

Selling MORE = More activities, more sales books, more hours worked

Selling BETTER = Better strategy, better & bigger deals, better control over your deals, better balance

For years, MEDDICC has been a leading framework within SaaS Selling for a reason. It's an acronym that simplifies even the most complex deals, allowing you to more easily hit your quota & pave the way to record-breaking success as a seller.

If you're ready to make the transition to better selling, keep reading.

Program Details

What is MEDDICC?

MEDDICC is a framework that simplifies SaaS selling by teaching you the core elements in any complex SaaS deal:


  • Metrics

  • Economic Buyer

  • Decision Criteria

  • Decision Process

  • Identified Pain

  • Champion

  • Competition

Would I be a good fit?

MEDDICC is specifically designed for complex SaaS selling. No matter if you're new to SaaS selling or are a tenured rep looking to up-level your skills, this program is a great fit for anyone looking to:


  • Sell bigger & better deals

  • Close more of the deals in your pipeline

  • Feel in control of your sales process

  • Build better, meaningful relationships with your clients

  • Sell in a more strategic & aligned way

What does the program look like?

This is a 10-week program (over 3 months) where we'll dive deep on a weekly basis to cover everything from discovery to negotiation.

  • Meeting for 1 Hour Per Week

  • Meetings will be a blend of Training, Workshops, Exercises, & Discussions

  • You'll be in a group of sellers who you'll learn from & grow WITH

  • This program runs from April 21, 2022 - June 23, 2022.

  • Attendees will have access to Session Recordings, Templates, & Resources

What will you learn?

We'll be covering a multitude of topics in a blend of training sessions + coaching workshops, including:

  • Identifying Your Sales Strengths & Blind Spots

  • How to Build, Develop, & Leverage Better Client Champions

  • Digging Deeper into Client Pains, Gains, & Impact

  • Building Business Cases for Bigger Deals

  • Discovery, Demos, & Pricing Calls with MEDDICC


Want to hear more about my
approach to MEDDICC?

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