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Meet Meghann

President's Club is a state of mind.

Meghann Misiak

I help salespeople shorten the path to President’s Club.

By “President’s Club,” I don’t mean a trip, bonus, or incentive. President’s Club is a state of mind. It could mean a promotion, compensation level, or confidence in your craft. It is mastery, success, leadership, & freedom. Those who go to President’s Club work hard, constantly learn, & form their own way of doing things. Whatever your personal “President’s Club” entails, the path to get there doesn’t have to take 10 years. What if I told you the path could be shorter, faster, & easier to navigate?

That's where I can help.

I help sellers identify the skills they need to get to the next level, then fill any gaps through training & coaching. I help sales leaders determine the most impactful strategies to shorten the path for every seller on their team.

In a few short years, I went from a commission-only sales job to achieving President’s Club & then to Associate Director of GTM Training for an enterprise SaaS organization whose clients included AmEx, Hilton & The Home Depot.

And recently, I took the leap into my dream job as a Sales Training Consultant, helping B2B sales teams & sellers accomplish their own wildest dreams.

If you’re looking for help getting yourself or your team to President’s Club, feel free to reach out. Even if it’s not a great fit, we’re both likely to learn something.

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