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Meet Meghann

Sales Coach, Trainer, & Strategist

I'm in the business of Sales Transformation. Since 2016, I've been accountable for not only training teams & inspiring change, but for driving real results. In my first full-time training role, we grew the average deal size by $100K & shortened the average time-to-first-deal from 6.5 months to 3.5 months. In my second role, we increased close rates by 36% within one quarter with the MEDDICC framework. Now, I'm focused on helping B2B SaaS Sales teams achieve similar results, ultimately shortening the Path to President's Club for every seller on your team.


Where I help Sales Teams:

By "sales teams," I mean B2B SaaS teams of 50-500 salespeople selling large, complex deals (~$150K or more).

Closing More Deals...


Increase close rates, more consistently hit your forecast, & get your team to actually leverage the best practices from training. Consistently assess each deal's strengths, weaknesses, & areas of improvement.

Closing Bigger Deals

& Increasing Revenue

Get more out of each deal & better appeal to large enterprise prospects through implementing strategies, tools, & templates that focus on each prospect's goals, pains, & the impact of each.

Scaling & Developing

Sales Teams

Get new salespeople up-to-speed more efficiently & effectively. Assess your team's strengths & weaknesses to increase performance. Help sellers move through the career paths from BDR to AE & beyond.

How I do that:

Deal Qualification

Increase your team's close rates by working with me to create a Deal Qualification Framework. This is a fancy term for a Sales Checklist that your team will use to better assess, forecast, & manage complex enterprise deals.

Value-Based Sales Training

Target larger companies & close bigger deals by uncovering more value within each deal. Work with me to incorporate Value-Based Selling within your sales process through training, coaching, & easy-to-implement resources.

onboarding system

Get newly hired or newly promoted sellers up-to-speed & crushing quota faster than ever before through my tried-&-true system for Sales Onboarding. Once built, this system can be executed by your own managers!



Help salespeople stay motivated & transition through roles through a framework that assesses reps on Performance, Values, & Skills for each level. Use the full-team assessment to know where to focus training & resources.



"Through Meghann's training, I was able to crush my first quota-carrying sales role. I hit 155% of quota, went to President's Club, was salesperson #3 in the company, & received a promotion within 8 months."

Michael Douglas

Senior Account Executive

"Qualifying prospects is critical to our business. Meghann helped us understand the discovery process by asking the right questions & crafting a proper approach for each prospect's needs. This has enabled us to quickly determine the engagements where we'll be able to deliver the most value and successfully execute."

Benjamin Blumenthal

Principal Broker

"Meghann helped me earn two promotions in under a year. She had a deep understanding of what I needed to succeed & how to get me there. Meghann takes responsibility for every individual’s success while balancing a much wider organizational vision.​"

Marie Geramanis

Account Executive


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